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Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) is an incredible concept, where midwives are helping save the lives of premature babies around the world.

Their goal is to reduce the mortality rates of these tiny little babies and children under the age of five.

Behind this project is a lady who has the drive and ambition that can make anything possible and I believe she will reach her goals!


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  1. Marlee Agnew

    I would like to knit beanies and booties for the premmie babies in Tanzania. Where do I find the patterns and where to send things?

    • Susan O'Dea

      Hi Marlee,

      That is wonderful! If you go to this page:


      …there are patterns you can download. Under the pictures I placed a PDF pattern. Just click to download and save to your computer (or desktop).

      At the bottom of the article you will see the address Narelle has provided on where to post them.

      Thank you for helping! It is a wonderful cause and the babies are so gorgeous. Narelle is an inspiration and one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure to know.

      Have a lovely day!


  2. Marlee

    I have been a knitter for 50 years and my grandchildren don’t seem to need a lot of hand knitting now, so this is a great cause and I am happy to do this for the premmie babies in Tanzania. Do you have lots of mums doing this in Australia or could you do with more, as I can russle up my friends who knit?

    • Susan O'Dea

      I am not sure how many mums are helping Marlee…but the more the merrier! There are so many babies! Every beanie is vital to their survival to keep the warmth in their little bodies. I will ask Narelle!

  3. Hi Marlee, thank you so much for offering to knit the beanies for us- that would be AMAZING!!! We place the babies skin to skin with their mums 24 hours a day, for weeks on end which keeps them warm, nourished and protected. However, they lose most of their body heat from the head, so beanies are essential. And we desperately need more!!! Our babies are tiny, from 700grams to 1.3kgs so the smaller the better. And if you have friends that would be keen to knit too then we would appreciate them so, so much. There is a postal address on the knitting page of the beautiful website Susan created. If you have any more questions, please dont hesitate to ask! THANK YOU!!!

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